Panda Video Compressor

Panda Video Compressor makes your videos short, fast, easy and fun. You will be amazed at the quality of the final video.

This video compressor processor also allows you to send video via email. We are not kidding. Video resizing allows you to compress your video as much as email providers allow and upload the video on Instagram!

Large video files are a big problem for every mobile user who wants to share and upload videos. This video compression utility helps you:

Summarize video files to send via email

Video Compressor is an application for resizing videos for email. Want to share your video in email, but your video size is too large? Reduce video size using the “Match to Email” option – Sending videos via email has never been so easy. Email inboxes are often limited and resizing videos are much needed. Panda Video Compressor cuts the right size (MB) of videos without compromising on video quality.

Free up space on the device

Videos are important, but space on the smartphone is limited. Stop deleting your favorite videos and apps to free up space. Use Panda Video Compressor to resize video and compress video;).
Panda Video Compressor will reduce the size of your videos, thus taking up space on your smartphone or memory card.

Reduce data usage

Want to share your video, but your data is low and you can not afford the best data pack? This is most appropriate when abroad. You do not have access to WiFi but want to share video or match videos on Instagram? Compress video or compress video file size with Panda Video Compressor.
These video resizer apps will save your data usage.

Share videos when your signal is weak

Have you ever tried to share a large video file, but could not upload the best video because your signal was weak? Panda Video Compressor app allows you to upload reduced videos. Did you know that Video Resizer can resize your videos without losing quality? Download Panda Video Compressor and start compressing video size for social media channels. Compress video to match video on Instagram, reduce video size – follow simple steps, compress video and save space on your phone and cloud. Feel free to create video summary using our compression video app.


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