PhotoTune – AI Photo Enhancer App Review


Turn your old, blurry, pixelated, damaged photos into High Definition with PhotoTune. Upscale any photo by 200%, 400%, 800% with high quality resolution in 1 click. Repair broken and old blurry photos like real magic.

PhotoTune is an easy to use one touch photo editor to upscale old and unclear album photos to look like recent photos taken with an HD Camera. Photo Enhancer results feel like a retouch to old photos. Upscaling Photo Quality is now so easy. We provide HDR Filters which will enrich photos to high-definition range. Now you can restore old photos easily. Fix and improve blurred photos like never before!

Try the new Beautify feature for Portrait photo enhancement which improves face beauty with one touch. Improve Picture Quality so you can upload and share old memories on social media. Photo Enhancer is specifically developed for low quality photos to give them high-definition results. Not only this, you can upscale any of recent photos to much higher resolutions in 1 tap.

PhotoTune Features:

• Select the Photo you want to upscale and improve its quality
• Use Enhance feature for any photo you would want to improve its pixels range, enhance resolution to 2x, 4x, 8x
• Use Beautify feature which focuses on Face improvements in photos to beautify your portraits
• Use HDR to deliver a higher contrast resolution of photos, remove haze and noise from photos
• Use Colorize feature to turn old black and white photos to coloured
• Enhance Photos up to 2x and 4x. Edit blurry, old, low quality and noisy photos
• Enhance your Face in photos using portrait enhance
• Bring old and damaged photos to life
• Sharpen and unblur out of focus photos

Photo Enhancer

Photo Enhancer helps fix blurry, noisy, lower resolution photos by using state of the art Artificial Intelligence in one tap. Make your noisy compressed images high quality HD Photos with PhotoTune. Colorize old photos and make them vibrant as if they were captured with a high quality camera. Bring your old photo memories to life.

Instantly make your old pictures look better ! Enhance your image with editing tools including contrast, exposure, saturation, and clarity.

PhotoTune is a 1 touch editing App and the only app you will ever need on your Android phone to upscale photo quality. It’s designed for all kinds of users. It’s simple and fun to use!


Kinemaster Video Editor

The problem comes when you try to export your video, then check the watermark in the top right corner of your project. It is understandable that they are not going to give a quality product in exchange for a smile. However, I can’t say that the watermarks on this project are my favorite thing. Kinemaster Shake Effect. I narrow my eyes when I see stuff like this, and the Kinemaster is no exception. To get rid of this problem, you will have to spend 56.11 rupees every month, although you can try its features for free for 14 days. 30 day license ₹ 2321 or one year. You can also get other types of subscriptions, such as 28.46, which would work out to over 2 euros a month.

Another special feature of Kinemaster is that it does not work the same on all smartphones. In my case, the decent Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro does not allow to export videos at 1080p. On other devices you won’t be able to offer layered video or work with Chrome. This is totally understandable as the application runs perfectly smoothly and on some phones I find that those add-ons make a number on the application’s performance. But still, it is a shame that not everyone can enjoy all the features available. Check out this list to see if your phone can handle it all.

Kinemaster is a great editing project. If I had said otherwise, I would not have lied. Above all, it can export videos at various quality levels (with associated resizing) or upload videos to Facebook or YouTube. Two great qualities of this are its ease of use and how complete it is as a teacher.

Versatile and professional application with many possibilities – very long, that is, because you are one of the lucky few who can enjoy all its features. Otherwise you will lose the most attractive part of it. However, it’s a writer to keep in mind if you’re looking for anything other than provocative videos and images.

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