MV Maker App Review

MV Master Video Maker & Editor: Song level video editing application with music and effect.

MV Maker Latest Mast Music Status Video Maker! You will find very exciting, fun, magic video templates. All you have to do is choose what you like, add your photo and create a music level video for yourself.

MV Maker offers the new mv master video editing experience with the greatest free magical video templates for music level video. Create fun videos and MV with various themes for your family, friends and lovers in a few steps. We enhance your video editing with exclusive magic templates and funny stickers.

The main function

Smart Cutout for MV Master

Using the AI ​​auto-select tool, automatically cut the image and paste it into the Magic Effects video for WhatsApp status videos with MV Master. You can easily attach yourself to any video and create unique status videos with MV!

PickU Edit Photos (Photo Video Editor)

With MV Maker, we will create unique and interesting photos for you. Just add your photos and we will create unique and interesting photos for your WhatsApp status videos.

Enjoy the video effects for yourself

MV Maker creates more video effects based on user preferences.
We offer a wide variety of video effects such as tattooing, changing the sky in an instant, turning into a lion, good morning, good night and everything you want.

Try the optimal shooting function

Unlock and try out tons of filters, 3D stickers and features that make your image live. Enjoy being the MV Master among your friends.

Free Video Editing (Edit Video) MV Master

Share your awesome MV videos on social media with this MV Master app.
With a series of free magic video templates, you can create your own special music status videos to show your love and dream, to record anniversaries and festivals, and to tell others about your unique moments through this MV Master app!

Create an amazing electronic photo gallery in easy three-step editing. After adding the pictures, you can select the background music and start creating your own music album with this MV Master app to WhatsApp status.

MV Maker has always been committed to delivering more and more special effects to users to get more thumbs up and attention on DickTalk, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Dictator, Snapshot and other platforms.


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