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Hello friends in this post we will see how to edit our photo using Lightroom app in a simple way and how to download Lightroom app. This Light room editing app is one of the best photo editing apps used by many people in India. Using this app we can turn our photo into a great photo. Apart from that, this app is very easy to use.

First of all the instructions on how to download this Lightroom app are given at the bottom of this post. Watch it and download it first. Using this editing app we can edit our photo in different ways like changing the colors in our photo and adding the characters we need so we can use this one app that does all kinds of editing to make it a great photo.


Mainly using this app you can edit oil paint photo editing in a simple way. They already have various options in this app to make oil paint photo editing easy.

First of all, there is a crop option in this editing application, which helps us to cut our photo to the size we need. Next, there is an option called rotate which can be used to rotate our photo as per our need. Next, there is an option called resize, which helps us to make our photo smaller and bigger. Next we can use this text option to write the letters we need on our photo. Next Brightness helps us increase and decrease the brightness in our photo using this option. Apart from this, we can use this app to change different color builders in our photos. This app has different types of color builder options and it is very easy to use.

Mainly using this app this app will help us a lot to beautify our face i.e. removing unwanted spots on our face and thus different options are given in this app to beautify all parts of our face. And using these options is a very simple method.


How to edit using Lightroom

Now let’s see how to edit our ordinary photo into a special photo using this Light room app.

First of all download the app open it after birth there is an option first on the first page click on it click on it it will take you to the gallery choose the photo you want to edit once you choose it will take you to the important part of the app all the different types at the bottom of the page The editing tool will also be there.

Now you can test how to use those tools one by one for your photo. By testing in this way, you can easily know the uses of each tool. When you continue to do this, editing your photo using this application will become very easy.

How to Save

After you edit your photo, click on the option on the top right side to save it. After clicking, click on the save option that appears on the next page, and the edited photo will be added to your gallery.




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